Ramadan Renderings/Day 7

I am a Christian pastor who works as a collegiate minister with the Virginia Baptists at Virginia Commonwealth University. One of my areas of vocational interest and spiritual work is Christian-Muslim relations, including text-centered dialogues or conversations. During Ramadan 2011, I read through the entire Qur'an, in English, via Tarif Khalidi's 2008 translation (Penguin Books). What follows is a personal, meditative rendering of the Qur'an portion of the day. This rendering is devotional in nature, not scholarly. And it comes in the form of textual observations, spiritual reflections, theological questions or poetic responses.


Kenyan child in a madrassa in Nairobi [AP Photo/Sayyid Azim]


Day 7 || Reading: Qur'an 5:82 - 6:110


Rendering from Qur'an 5:112-114



It is said that Jesus knew that only God could provide a table -- from the storehouses of his heaven -- which would satisfy us. It's a table that gives us what we are most in need of eating. According to this scene, eating is connected to a desire to know the truth and experience the miracle. On a day of fasting, of all images this one is wondrously multilayered.


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