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In the following video, produced by The Work of the People, Yale theologian Miroslav Volf begins to articulate the Christian faith's spiritual virtue of honoring everyone -- especially and precisely in the middle of profound cultural clashes around what is viewed as sacred. I thought this excerpt might make a good contribution to the Song of Machpelah project.


For a little background, the launching text for Miroslav Volf's conversation on honoring everyone is the New Testament book 1 Peter, where the emerging Christian community finds itself on the cultural margins of political power. Volf says that, for the Christian, it doesn't matter whether you are in proximity to power or on the margins. Those distinctions are ultimately "soft differences" in the light of Christian identity. "It's not that I orient myself over against the [other] social groups by drawing boundaries," he explains, "but rather, I'm oriented around the center [Jesus Christ], and boundaries fall as they might, as they will."

Here's the video:

Honor Everyone Miroslav Volf


The Song of Machpelah project is humbly designed to engage in a bold kind of culture-making between Christians and Muslims. Peace by piece.

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