He Makes All Things Grow


Something found. In Robert Lacey's captivating look and book Inside the Kingdom (2009). A parable.


The Imam and the Date Farmer

There was once a farmer who inherited an ailing and broken-down grove of date palms and who toiled long and hard to restore the palms to shape. He cut back dead branches, enriched the soil with camel droppings, and diverted a watercourse -- to produce, year after year, a bountiful crop of luscious dates.

"What a glorious harvest God has provided!" remarked the long-bearded imam at the village, nodding his head in pious pleasure as he passed by the grove one day. "Thanks be to God!"

"Thanks be to God, indeed," replied the farmer. "You should have seen the harvest when God was the only one doing the work!"



The Song of Machpelah project is humbly designed to engage in a bold kind of culture-making between Christians and Muslims. Peace by piece.


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