As it happened, the following poem by Haim Gouri found me as I browsed the pages of a copy of Tikkun magazine sometime in January 2011. Here I offer this small piece of Gouri's poem -- for spiritual reflection, and for the kind of reflection that might induce constructive action -- in the context of a Christian-Muslim relations project called The Song of Machpelah.



Isaac, as the story goes, was not

sacrificed. He lived for many years, saw

what pleasure had to offer, until his

eyesight dimmed.


But he bequeathed that hour to his

offspring. They are born with a knife in

their hearts.


You can find the full version of Gouri's poem here.
The Song of Machpelah is an interfaith writing project borne out of my Christian-Muslim exchanges, experiences and ongoing study. At Machpelah, God willing, in small, medium or large ways a living song will arise. And it is a composition being put together by both Christians and Muslims. Peace by piece. For more on the project.


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