Hands Spread

A moment of protest in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 11, 2014, in the aftermath of Michael Brown's death.

Photo: CNN.

A short, spiritual, Christian reflection upon the release of the U.S. Department of Justice's final report on Ferguson.

The Space Between


Whether or not that unarmed black teenager had his hands up, I believe there is another whose hands remain spread.

In resurrection as in death.

Holding out—


For Michael Brown.

For Darren Wilson.

For police culture and citizen culture.

For those with and without power (in their hands).

For those with and without empathy in their hearts.

For every shocking instance, or every unsurprising repetition, of injustice.

For that hidden wound often denied but appearing daily in the land that was made for you and me.

For the Church that sees and speaks and acts.

For those Christians (and others) who would see no evil.


Holding out—

In healing as in pain.

Whether, or not.

Director of Hospitality & Catering

Director of Hospitality & Catering

Violence in the Time of Love

Violence in the Time of Love