M.A. Motherhood


Stories that travel in this direction, then that.

M.A. Motherhood


At 15, he tools around the universe by way of his controller, lightning quick, all thumbs and index-fingers.

It is evening; he is on the prowl.

In the parlance of FIFA 17, the video-game-turned-global-cultural-phenomenon, he is desperate to snipe key players in order to exchange them for a certain value in coins.

The sheer economics surrounding a virtual athlete are more real than has been previously imagined.


Amused, confused, she watches the screen flicker.

The speed of a fluorescent light-bulb on crack.

Finally, there is a break in the soccer stock-market.

She quips, "You seriously need a master's degree just to play this game."

She had brought this boy/man into the world.

She had given him life, and nurtured it within him.

Now, she simply tries to understand the world he brings to her each night—before the fire dies out.

Rosé Sympathizer

Rosé Sympathizer