A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience

In August, after 8 years in Richmond, the Elmore Five moved to Charlottesville. We are now nestled gently between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the university that Thomas Jefferson founded.

This Christmas, may you find a bit of lavish joy, a moment of strong comfort, some genuine part of the peace that often eludes understanding.

During Advent, and at the beginning of the Christian Year, our family is thankful for the God who refused to not move.

Who refused to cling to the holy distance.

Who refused to abandon us.

Who refuses to not be near us.


Happy Christmas, and Merry 2017!

Nathan, Amie, Camden (9th grade), Kate (6th grade), and Jackson (5th grade)

A Moving Experience



They say it is absolutely essential

to keep moving—

except, of course, when it is not.

But for now, to move.


Even a smidge, just a step, maybe one slow mile

is to not stay still or static

or—say it—stuck;

is to leave and let go


of the stifling lack of movement.


there is a kind of steely calm

in the stifling lack of movement.


Even the frantic, foggy path

enclosed within dark forest

and haunted by cold wind

knows that it must wait


for other metaphors—say, frozen skies—

to make a move.

But for now, I refuse to take flight, to fantasize,

to control the story.



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