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Thai Goes...To the Elephant in the Room

They twinkle at night!

Unbeknownst to himself, he lit up the grounds at the Khum Khantoke—a Thai dinner-and-show experience featuring cultural glimpses into the Lanna kingdom.

They carry bemused humans!

At Mae Taeng Elephant Park, please notice: I am doing everything I can to look (almost) relaxed while sitting on top of a very large animal.

They draw self-portraits!

During the elephant show, we discovered the real truth: some of these guys are artists. Which doesn't mean they are necessarily creative. For instance, two of them are drawing trees. Very basic trees. Are you kidding me? And I'm supposed to fawn all over myself.

Anyway, the other two are busy drawing elephants, which means: quite right, they are drawing themselves. Which is entirely surreal—but only if you stop and think about it long enough using the human consciousness that is supposed to separate us from things that plod around carrying bemused humans who look (almost) relaxed.

Thai Goes is an ongoing journal from my two-week Doctor of Ministry residency in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in January. The focus of the learning cohort was to experience and study the intersections of faith and global development.