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Ted Lasso: Right Man for the Job

As an Arsenal FC supporter, the last few summers have vacillated between heartbreak-laced resignation at the club’s newfound status as a “selling club” and the still-bright flickering hope that this season—maybe this season!—will be the one to end the trophy drought. However, August’s surprise package in the English Premier League has this Arsenal fan tilting toward despair. The American Ted Lasso has been installed as the new manager at Tottenham FC, our bitter North London rival.

The video evidence never lies. (See: below.) Please don’t let the accent or mustache fool you for one moment: Lasso’s coaching manner is absolutely straight on. And those who say he is rough around the so-called edges and a bit naïve for such a hallowed position are far too dismissive. (See: George W. Bush’s presidency.)

Anyway, in Lasso, here is a man who has found a way to be all-knowledge and no expert while being all-expert and no knowledge. As you might suspect, this is much harder than it looks. But the profundity of this third way—between knowledge and expertise, without either—will undoubtedly benefit a club like Tottenham, whose previous failures to surpass Arsenal are now destined to be a thing of the past.

Perhaps most significantly, Lasso’s stand-out managerial genius has assured the globe that the double meaning of football in the 21st century will rest secure. This is a cultural contribution worth whatever they’re paying him.

h/t Deadspin