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nathan f. elmore

Faith, culture, things in between.

Along the Wahiba Sands, in Oman, in 2012.




Jalapeno Joe

My grandfather from Tennessee prefers this pronunciation: jap-a-leno.

Once Upon a Conversion

Material and transcendent beauty: the moment soccer persuaded me.

Will Ride for Peace

A Uighur Muslim in China shows how peacemaking is equal parts thrilling adventure and costly venture.

The Blog

The Blog
Crafty Humor

Hobby Lobby fun via The New Yorker. For those who like their crafts and their religion legally intertwined.

Double Collective Insanity

In Israel and the Palestinian Territories, "at-risk youth" takes on a frightening meaning. A meditation.

Pursuing a Ghost

Christian Wiman, on writing and the writer's ambition.