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nathan f. elmore

Faith, culture, things in between.

In January 2012, upon meeting a remarkable Shia calligraphy artist in Muscat, Oman, as part of a travel-study program in Christian-Muslim relations.




Story & Essay
Discussing the Same God of Christians, Muslims & Professors

The Wheaton College affair provided a mouthful of theological and cultural tension.

Trump the Winner, Christ the Loser

The spectacle of competing narratives.

We Pass Through It Together

A New Year's reflection on that magnificent force in the universe: our shared humanity.


Of Fables and Animals

Trumpism: Aphorism. The one about a person's true nature.

God Is Law

Book: The Place of Tolerance in Islam. Post #1: Muslim Problems?

Doctoring the Crowd

Trumpism: Aphorism. The one about the appleā€”and good health.