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nathan f. elmore

Faith, culture, things in between. Especially, Christian-Muslim relations.

In Oman, along the Wahiba Sands, circa 2012.




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Backstage Jesus

Getting beyond the culture wars at the public school holiday concert.

When Children Appear (as Grown-ups)

Adele shows up at the local talent show in the form of third-graders. And they're singing our song.

Christians Partnering with Muslims

In May, in D.C., I lunched with two Muslim scholars...


A Merry Little Rifle Butt

Step 1: Detain someone. Step 2: Break something. Step 3: Repeat.       Postcards from Palestine.

Season's Greetings from Qalandia

Waiting in line for a bottle of water, and for dignity. Postcards from Palestine.

For Palestinians, an Advent #FAIL

Coming out—on Israel and Palestine—as an American evangelical.