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nathan f. elmore

Faith, culture, things in between. Especially, Christian-Muslim relations.

Along the Wahiba Sands, in Oman.




Christians Partnering with Muslims

In May, I lunched with two Muslim scholars. Recently, at the annual Peace Catalyst staff gathering in Denver, I realized more clearly why Christian-Muslim partnership matters.

The Stroller

On September 11, 2001, in Salem, Oregon, after the attacks, I went shopping for a stroller.

Book Review: The Search for Truth about Islam

Ben Daniel's The Search for Truth about Islam: A Christian Pastor Separates Fact from Fiction (2013).


What David Bazan Says

The singer-songwriter discusses evangelical Christianity. He also talks about trees and fruit.

Born Into It

The great gears of history and a Palestinian Christian village. Blood Brothers journal.

The Thing Not Considered

"What we don't know can't hurt us." This has nothing to do with Israel and Palestine. Blood Brothers journal.